Power Tech

What is Wamee Power?

An external battery powered system, in a  self-contained modular battery cell pack attached to a WoW cart column allowing for easy onsite maintenance, upgrade, or renewal of EOL systems.

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Up to 28 hours from a six-hour charge

It uses space age cell matching and balancing algorithms to ensure cells charge and discharge evenly to provide long cell life and management.   Wamee DC PLUS  System has an extraordinary run time of up to 28 hours from a six-hour charge.

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Upgrade your existing WoW fleet

When power is integrated into the WoW, a battery is built into the cart which provides extra functionality including automatic height adjustment and height pre-sets, as well as powering the keyboard, mouse, and printers and scanners.

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Sleek, durable technology for every lifestyle

For more information on the Wamee Power DC Plus Battery System download the brochure:

 Wamee DC Plus Battery System Brochure